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English Language Author in daGama

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1 year
Remote work
Looking for proffesional who are fluent in English, has an understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain topics and ready to create attractive content for company projects


Creating text content for company projects on social media platforms;

Processing inbound traffic and adapting it for presentations, websites, and other materials;

Creating original materials for media, magazines and blogs.

📍Whom we are looking?

English level - native speaker;

Understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain topics;

Ability to work with materials of different genres, length, formats and tones of voice;

Experience working in editorial teams, media and production;

Ability to search, fact-check and rewrite news;

Expertise in storytelling;

Availability of authorship materials (send us your portfolio).

📍What you get:

Interesting work not related to politics;

Flexible schedule that helps you to combine your every life aspect;

Competitive salary.

Specializations: Blockchain
Keywords: crypto, Content Maker, English Author, Author
1 year
Remote work
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